my process & methods; from screen printing to die-cutting, the things that bring my work to life.  


Design, is at it's core an exercise in experimentation and through this a constant evolution. It is important for me to constantly be trying new methods, tools and ways to approach creating my work. It is through these methods and tools that my work takes shape. Some of my most successful projects have included designing screen-printed, relief, letter pressed and die cut materials. It is in conjunction with these processes that character builds in my work.  

Screen-printing has become a large part of my work over the years. It has molded my aesthetic as well as allowed the viewer a more intimate interaction with my work. I spent several years working at Delicious Design League as both a screen printer and designer. While at DDL my time behind the press has undoubtably played the biggest role in sculpting me into the designer I am today. Deconstructing other peoples art to build printable files gives you a unique opportunity into seeing how different designers produce their work. 

Working in a small shop with big clients meant wearing many hats. This participation has given me a unique perspective into client relationships. I was tasked with many things, including pre-press/ production, screen-printing as well as design concepts and execution. The opportunity to work with clients from initial concepts through to the physical printing of materials gave me a truly unique outlook on the world of design. 


Examples of Screen Printing I've done (illustration credit; marc howell, delicious design league, the bungaloo, matt taylor, james eades, anne benjamin)

The creative adult is the child that survived
— Ursula K. Le Guin, American Writer and Novelist

Select clients

  • Bud Light
  • Nike
  • Xbox
  • Maxim
  • Upton's Naturals
  • Chicago Fire (MLS)
  • Arcade Brewery
  • The House Theatre of Chicago
  • Ultra Music Festival
  • Urban Initiatives